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Prayer ministry is an important part of the church life here at All Saints'.

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All Saints Church Prayer Guide for February 2021

Prayer topics include:

  • Revival of Church and community, how can we be ready for the next season?

  • Youth and Families Minister – thank God for the answers to prayer for school places, smooth transition to the UK!

  • Our Courses – Alpha, Bereavement Journey and Marriage Course, pray that through them people will be helped, comforted and encouraged, grow in faith.

  • Our own response to COVID as individuals and as a Church.

In prayer we go to the heart of our Christian discipleship and ask how, as a Church, we can love God, love others, and love the world more in the season and year to come.

Using Scripture to aid our prayers

  • Acts 2:1-4 – Fill us with your Spirit; fill us with new power for this coming year.
  • Matthew 22:34-40 – Loving God and loving others are inseparable
  • Matthew 28:18-20 – We think particularly of our community, as well family and friends, and seek to carry out God’s command John 20:21: To love those who are still lost. Love them until they are found.
  • Mark 12:30-31- Love others as we love ourselves.

NEW Monthly Prayer Meeting 

6:00pm On the first Sunday of each month, currently on Zoom.

I am writing to tell you a little more about the monthly prayer meeting that we are starting this week. As Howard Cunning-Smith said in our Zoom Service, a number of the All Saints’ family have felt for some time that it would be good to meet together in an informal way to pray and seek Gods direction for our Church and Community. You may be wondering why we are suggesting another meeting outside of out normal church services and it’s simply an opportunity to put an hour aside each month to pray together with a particular desire for God and the Holy Spirit to work in our lives and in our Church. In Acts we read how “They all joined together constantly in prayer, along with the women and Mary the mother of Jesus and his brothers”.

We are going to gather for approximately an hour in the church hall. Everyone is welcome to come and pray along with us.

The structure will be informal with some worship but we will start with the following framework to help us pray and listen to God.

  • Revival of our Church and Community - especially as we look to the Christmas Season of events and pray about how we reach into the community.
  • All Saints’ - How can we be ready for the new/next season?
  • Our response to Covid, as individuals, Church and Community - for wise planning and protection across all of our activities whether corporate or personal.
  • Current Ministries at All Saints’ - with particular thought to Christmas Services. For the planning and practical arrangements, for safety in this Covid time, for the complicated technology and for God to transform our community as we seek to remember the real meaning of Christmas.
  • Divine Protection as we seek to do Gods will.

We hope that many of you will be able to join us as we pray. Some people will be happy to pray out loud but there will be no obligation to do so. There will be times of silence as we listen to God and are lead by the Holy Spirit. I hope that people will feel free to read words from Scripture and share things that God has laid on their heart. No one will be put under any pressure to participate in any way that makes them uncomfortable. God will hear all our prayers and petitions whether they are spoken out loud or are in the silence of our own hearts.

There are three ways that we can join together in this new venture

  • Come along to the Church Hall on Sunday
  • Join via live streaming zoom and pray with others online if you wish
  • Pray on your own or with your family using the framework above

We trust that God will speak to us at this meeting and we will feed this back to Charlie and those in Leadership Team for their consideration and encouragement. If you have any particular prayer topics that you think should be included then please email/telephone the Church Office and someone will get in touch with you.

Due to the current Covid regulations we would really appreciate it if you could let Yvonne and Peter in the Church Office know if you hope to attend in person so that we can ensure safe distancing.

Please bring a mask. If you are not on ChurchBox you will be asked for your telephone number for Track and Trace purposes only.

If you have any questions, please contact the Church Office and someone from the planning team will get in touch.

Prayer Cascade 

We strongly believe in the transforming power of prayer for both urgent and ongoing needs but especially in an emergency. We want to be able to support you in prayer. Requests are emailed from the Prayer Cascade Leaders, direct to those on the Prayer Cascade team. We would like to stress that all information given is kept private and confidential within the team. In order to activate The Prayer Cascade, please contact  the prayer leaders, Suzie & Pip, either by email or phone, details below.  We really appreciate being updated on the issue afterwards.


Contact: Suzie Myatt 01202 769 037 

or Pip Antony 01202 736 112

Prayer Ministry Team 


After the 9.30am and 11am Sunday services.


Prayer ministry is an important part of the church life here at All Saints' and we believe that of course every person can pray for another but there are some people, who have a particular and special gift in this area. At the end of each service we offer prayer ministry for each and every person, on a confidential basis either with the vicar or another service leader or a member of the prayer ministry team. Just let one of us know and we would be happy to pray with and for you, whatever the issue.


Contact: Charlie Boyle for more more information 01202 702 822

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